The SOLEbriety Report.

"I used to be mentally sick over all the kicks; This takes my mind off of all of it." Add my poetry page: Limitless Lexicon HERE

“Treat people how they teach you to treat them”

—   Tatiyana Woods (from the TwoTimes)

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30 Day Tumblr Challenge: Day 2

2. the meaning behind your tumblr url

Sooooo, basically my tumblr url “Solebriety Report” represents the mental struggle I and many of my companions have: WE LOVE SHOES TOO DARN MUCH! I began this blog as a journal for myself to take away from my obsession of shoes, just as one could do with drugs or alcohol when they’re attempting to stay sober. So enjoy my posts as I attempt to stay soleber, somewhat :)

30 Day Tumblr Challenge: Day 1

1. name, age, birthday, hobbies, favorite music

My name is Tatiyana LeAnne Woods… Don’t steal my identity.

I am 19 years old, which would make my birthday July 5th, 1992.

I have like a million hobbies: dancing, writing, shopping, Googling, Nice Kick’n, Sole Collector Marketplace’n, yesss, I’m about to start making up words and stuff.

My favorite music is rap & hip-hizzop/hip-pizzop but I listen to everyone: Blu, DA$H, GLC, Theophilus London, Fly Union/Mnkeywrench, The Game, Chip The Ripper, Big K.R.I.T., XV, Kendrick Lamar, Dom Kennedy, McKenzie Eddy, Stalley, Kidz In The Hall, Freddie Gibbs, Young Jeezy, Lupe Fiasco, A$AP Rocky, Jesse Boykins III, Nickelus F, Shawn Chrystopher, Sir Michael Rocks, Chiddy Bang, Amy Winehouse, Pac Div, The Cool Kids, Jean Grae, Curren$y, Jessie J, STS, The Weeknd, One Chance, Blood Type, Phonte, David Dallas, Tabi Bonney, Marz LoveJoy, Adele, Paramore… LOOK: This can honestly go on forever, I just like music!

Soooo, this concludes day numero uno of my Tumblr Challenge thingymabobber.

Limitless Lexicon!

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"I like my Sprite….Sprite-yyyyy…."